I was born and raised in Chillicothe, Ohio, a town where family values were strong and folks were friendly, loving and helped each other. 

With a career  that has included serving in the United States Air Force as an air traffic controller and positions in the Information Technology field and sales and marketing spanning over 50 years, came the privilege to witness from a "front row seat" the progress in electronics and computing technology from punched card accounting to the latest advances in mirocomputing, global telecommunications and wireless devices, to today's newest "Cloud Computing".

During those years, working in locations across the United States, in Greenland, Newfoundland, Oman, Kuwait and other Middle East and European countries, life was fulfilling.  Associating happily with wonderful people of differing cultures, religions and beliefs, I observed how a spiritual view of life, daily striving to live in accordance with the teachings of Christ Jesus, can smooth the the pathway, open opportunities for spiritual growth, reveal what is truly important in life and bring out the harmony, beauty and peace of a rich life. 

I have found that relying on God as a Father, Mother, Friend, Counselor and as a practical guide for helping and healing, for meeting every need, has resulted in solutions to financial and family issues, overcoming grief, pain, ill health, and injury. It has also shown how people of all faiths and religions share a common thread, God's Love and guidance.

My study of Christian Science, relying on God's "angel messages", sometimes very quiet whispered thoughts, and sometimes REALLY LOUD angel messages, have blessed our family through the years. This Science, as lived by Christ Jesus,  underlies my understanding that God, Good, is the Divine Mind, the Intelligence, the Love, the Creator that created all. And, the understanding , as Jesus demonstrated by teaching and healing, that God did not create fear, sin, disease and death, and that our understanding of that, and our adherence to Jesus' teaching, can remove them from our experience.

There are many resources that provide information on Christian Science, many published articles, many testimonies from those that have been healed and uplifted. There are links on this site to the Christian Science Web site where these published articles can be found.

The primary purpose of my writings is to introduce, to those who may have an interest in healing through prayer, my own understanding of spirituality and the way that God influences us and shows His/Her existence and relevance to us, how turning to God can lighten our load, give us a sense of God's loving care... and peace.

My wife Bonnie and I now live in Alva, Florida  having moved from  the Blue Ridge mountains of North Georgia, U.S.A. where we lived on  our little "Hilltop Farm" with our precious dogs.   I am available for calls from those who would like to explore further how Healing and Uplift is available through an understanding of Christian Science, and how their  lives could benefit from learning more about God's presence here, and now.   



CALL: (706) 455-1778